Gratia Church Sunday Service:’The Book of James 5′

Nairobi Gratia church had a Sunday Service on September 13th, and they were meditating the Word of God from the book of James 5.

“This chapter has 3 parts to meditate-First part is talking about the oppressors who are pursuing riches and enjoying himself with their sinful desire. They will be judged by God. But even though we are not so rich and there are difficulties, if we are living pleasing God, we don’t need to worry because God will bless us. So we shouldn’t store treasure on earth but on heaven to be prepared the eternal blessing in heaven. When we are living hoping for God’s intervention, God is listening to us guiding us to heaven as He did for Israelites from Egypt. So, we need to live well in this world seeking God first.

The second part is, even though our life is in suffering, we should endure and live with faith and love. Israelites were grumbling to God and to Moses in the desert so they couldn’t enter the promised land. But the blessed person was enduring in the suffering time. Job didn’t complain, God, when he was terribly suffering so later God blessed Him greatly. And we should be sincere and truthful. So that God can do the great work through the believers.

The last part is talking about the power of faith. It says, “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working”. Elijah was praying sincerely 7 times with faith, then God was doing great work through His prayer.”

The message was teaching the members how to live the life of faith in this world preparing eternal life, doing the work of God. This day, there were 2 newcomers joining the service- they were Stephen and Loice-husband and wife who are living near the church. Stephen said “It was a great service in the house of the Lord, we were blessed by the ministration. We’ll come again and again!”They thanked God for the newcomers hoping they can be the good members of Gratia church.