Gratia Church Mid-Week Service: “Don’t Worry”.

Kitwe Gratia Church held Wednesday Service which was led by Intern Pastor Peter from 16.09.2020 with 15 members. Peter shared the message from Matthew 6:28-33. Pastor James Lee led the intercession prayers to pray for Gratia Church’s growth and the right relationship with God we need to have.

Peter shared we need to consider the first priority in our life because we worry about our lives, food, money, clothes, and many outward things instead of spiritual things.

Peter said that we need to focus on the other way of our worry which is the spiritual part. Every person has got two types of life in physical and spiritual but the difference is that physical life is not eternal but spiritual life is everlasting.

He concluded that the Important things in our life are seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness then everything we desire shall be added unto us. The Kingdom of God understands the will of God and practice by preaching the Gospel to others.