Day 1 of Gratia Church Teen Retreat

After the dedication of Gratia Church, Pastor James Lee held a three days retreat with 13 teens. He shared the message about the introduction of salvation and sin of unbeliefs from Romans 1: 16- 32.

He gave the introduction of salvation by asking the importance of why people need Jesus. We need Jesus because we are sinners, and we cannot save ourselves from sin. Secondly, we need Him to have eternal life.

He shared about the meaning of eternal life and the eternal death of punishment. Eternal life comes when we believe Jesus with our hearts which comes by faith in the gospel. He explained the two types of death which are physical, and spiritual death. Physical death means the body to return to its ground, and the spirit goes back to God who gave it. Spiritual death or everlasting punishment means our relationship with God is broken, because of sin and the results of it are dead. That is why we need Jesus to save out if death.

He concluded by teaching the wrath of God. The starting point of sin is godlessness or ungodly, and wickedness. Godlessness is that they have no God in their lives for they have rejected the God inside them. The way to know God is His divine nature. Creation proclaims the glory and his existence, consciousness, intuition, or spirit in us know God, but he said that the only way to know God is through the love of Jesus to die for our sins. He taught about the problem of unbelievers. They don’t know the truth, and they don’t worship God nor gives thanks. And they have Idols like money and sexualism.