Nairobi Sunday Service : Whoever Drinks the Water I Give Him will Never Thirst

Nairobi Gratia Church had a Sunday service on the first Sunday, September 6, 2020. Pastor Thomas shared the message from John 4:1-26, the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman.

“Who is a Samaritan woman? She represents the nonbelievers in the world when Nicodemus in chapter 3 represents believers in the world. We- whether believing or not believing- need to listen to Jesus for the Salvation. Not only listening but we really need to meet God and change our life.

Even though she lived seeking love in this world to be happy, she wasn’t happy and her thirstiness became more and more. Worldly love and money tempt us to deceive us as if they can give us happiness, but we shouldn’t be deceived. They can make us be worse sinners than before and give us pain, not joy, and satisfaction.

Jesus wanted to give her living water by sacrificing for her. Jesus said that I’m the living water, the living bread.

Jesus requested her to bring her husband instead of giving the living water. Why? It’s because she had to fix her sinful life, cleaning her fake lovers before receiving the living water. Now she asked Jesus about true worship. This was her fundamental problem, without having God in our lives, we wouldn’t be satisfied. We should worship God in truth and spirit -this shows us that we need to know the truth correctly and we need to give all our heart to meet God and love God. When we worship God the correct way, our life can be different every day. We will find the meaning and purpose of our lives in His truth. So to come before God at the time of service is important and as we continue worshipping God, we will be protected and guided by God from this sinful world.

She changed her life from shameful life to good life after meeting the Christ Jesus. She was happy to meet the Messiah and she started to share this good news to many people. Jesus wants to meet us and change our lives like this woman.

Jesus was full of joy after evangelizing her. When a sinner comes back to God, there is great joy in heaven. Jesus has compassion for the people who are wondering in this sinful world not knowing the true way. (Matthew 9:35-38) Many people need to be saved and suffering in the darkness. With the heart of Jesus, I hope we can be the ones who reach to the people and share the good news of Jesus Christ to save them.”

The members could understand the message and hope to live to encounter God through the Word of God and follow His will sharing the good news.