Africa Conference ‘The Fast Acceptable To God’

Africa leaders had an online conference and shared about the fast to pray that God has chosen to please him and acceptable to Him. We need a prayer of the righteous and those who remain will restore the history of God again. Africa leaders also encouraged listening and teaching and online bible study for evangelism. What people of God can do in this pandemic situation of the world? God hears his people and heals this world by praying for them as God does not judge if there are 10 people in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. We need to recognize what is good and acceptable and best to God for our prayer. The righteous one’s prayer is starting from repenting with a humble attitude like the Tax-collector in Luke 18. We need to stop entertainment and greedy ambitions and arguments and fight to get the selfish benefit for ourselves. Today, so many churches are closing down, destroyed, and ruined in tribulation. The church is bought by the blood of God. The stump remains even if the tree is cut down. Those who know the heart of God will remain as a remnant to restart and restore the work of God.AM Africa and AM UNZA chapter leaders started fasting for 3 weeks this week. They pray for the growth of the chapter and to establish leadership of them.