Olivet Seminary Nigeria Launched

Olivet Seminary Nigeria (OSNG: olivetseminary.ng) launched this week and Africa completed 4 country-editions including Kenya and Zambia, South Africa. Nigeria is one of the G20 and very important places for Africa’s mission in population and location.

Olivet Assembly of Africa (OAA) prayed to find many good leaders of Africa to dispatch missionaries to repay the debt of love to European countries.

Olivet Seminary will be a tool to raise many leaders to spread the gospel to the continent and even to the other continents including Europe. Nigerian pastors are found from Europe’s big churches and are famous as they preach the powerful gospel. OAA expects to repay Europe the best of the gospel by missionaries of Nigeria.

Nigeria Christianity is very hot and strong as they half-and-half competition with radical Muslims. Nigeria is the 4th country in the economy of Africa and the center of Western countries.

They have the top in Africa and the 7th rank of the population of the world.