Africa Activate Online BBS Chapters And Book Clubs

Africa’s online bible chapter becomes active by each chapter leader. Previously Uganda AM chapter and 3 Zambia chapters including YEF have started newly. They also collaborate together to help each other to boost the study for new members. The Book Club also started to gather the Teen members.

Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) reported that they are almost done finishing OAA documentation and expect to finish within this week with a local church pastor. Africa online bible study becomes hotter by each chapter leader including Uganda by Walter of AM Africa and Zambia by the 3 intern pastors. All of them made chapters to teach the words of God and for fellowship. OAA launched the Olivet Seminary of Nigeria and they keep studying for a cyber church to establish. They made the design of the book club for the out-reach program of the church for Teen evangelism.

OA Kenya is operating a bible study with the book club. They went to street evangelism 3 times and 7 visitors are expected to come to Sunday service by online evangelism and book club.

OA Zambia made online chapter groups with 3 intern pastors for each city and started to call Teenagers by the book club. Lusaka started with 20 people, Kitwe 14, Ndola 9. The Book clubs confirmed there design and will be active from this week.

Lusaka has 1 regular bible study listener but keeps on going to evangelism university students even if they are busy for the examination. Gratia church elected 4 Jubilee members and they went door to door to evangelize together for the church activities. Gratia church decided to do a book club on Monday and Saturday. They have studied with APEX medical university students. Revival Church bought 25 books to start the book club on Monday and Saturday from last week. They go 4 times for weekly evangelism with church leaders. Olivet High School is in the examination and finished the term on 28th.

YEF Africa provided Romans bible study twice this week with book club students. Pastor Thomas asked to pray for the OA Kenya certificate correction and work permit of Kenya.

AM Africa keeps an online bible study with African members and they shared chapter 5 this week. They have active members for the study of the 23 members of the group. They received two new students from Uganda and Namibia. Walter kept trying to make prayer meetings every evening for Makerere University. The University of Zambia chapter has started an online bible study on Friday and Saturday.