Olivet Seminary South Africa Launched

Olivet Seminary South Africa (OSSA: olivetseminary.co.za) Edition is launched according to the goal to establish G20 countries. Olivet Seminary in South Africa recently started working in the English version. The website is the third Olivet Seminary website to be released among the Africa countries.

Olivet Assembly of Africa (OAA) continues to work to launch the Nigeria edition soon.

Olivet Seminary South Africa will be a tool to raise many leaders as a major hub of Africa’s mission through education to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the continent.

This is a win for South Africa and the continent, which so many members have prayed and supported, especially to buy Olivet Center (OC) in South Africa for Africa’s mission last year. Currently, Missionary Aquila and Zhouli are working hard to prepare to receive many members there include Chinese.

South Africa is one of the G20 countries and part of the British Commonwealth. It has played a significant role in international affairs with regard to Southwest Africa and is one of the most developed countries in Africa for education and economic growth by most estimates.