Kenya Gratia Church Sunday Service : All things are possible for one who believes!

Gratia church had a Sunday sermon on August 23rd, and they were meditating Mark 9:14-29 about the faith which is a must for the Christian life. Pastor Thomas shared the message and the participants were encouraged and strengthened in their faith.

When Jesus came down from the mount of transfiguration, disciples were arguing with the teachers of the law. The disciples couldn’t heal a boy who was suffering from a dirty spirit. When the father asked Jesus “If you can do, help us” then Jesus said “If you can! All things are possible for one who believes”, then the father asked him again “I believe, help my unbelief!” then Jesus chased the unclean spirit out of him.

Here, we can learn about the life of faith. Many Christians are living with knowledge about God but without the power of God. God is the most powerful God and we should experience His power in our lives with faith. People in the world were expecting the disciples to do the work of God, but they couldn’t do it. Jesus told them why they couldn’t help him, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer”.

We Christians need to show the power of God through prayer. But our reality can be the father “help me my unbelief” Let us grow in faith in God so that God can do the great thing through us.

We need to believe that God exists and He rewards who seek Him. He is different from us and He knows everything and He can do everything. Jesus said not to fear the man who can kill our body, but to fear God who can kill our body and soul. And He is the one who is answering our prayers.

“All things are possible for one who believes”

Through the absolute faith in God, let us please God and reveal His glory in this world.