Africa Conference ‘The Journey Entering To Canaan’

Africa leaders shared a message of Joshua 5:10-12 about God’s test to the Israelites for the journey before entering the Canaan. OAA shared the news that Egypt is organizing the conference with the Middle East missionaries. They shared prayer topics for 40 major countries.

The manna and quail are stopped when Israel ate the produce of the land. Moses gave the last message to Israel about the worries of God to the Israel people that if Israel people change heart so that they do nor receive blessings of God. This Israel is us that today Christian.

The journey of 40 years of wilderness and desert was the test of God whether they obey or not and man shall not live bread alone but every word comes from the mouth of the Lord.

The journey of faith of Christian is also the same that we are born-again through baptism through it. We leave with faith and go with the faith in Emmanuel God. This is the journey of the disciple to go to the promised land that making the Kingdom of God on earth.

We die once with Christ, we will live with Christ. Paul said he die every day and it is possible in the faith to believe the power of resurrection. We will live even if we die and we never die again.