Africa Conference Shared About ‘Healthy Church’

Africa leaders had a conference for the 12 continental OCs and G20 and a major 20 countries to pray together. They shared the prayer topic to buy 20 properties to take from the on-sale properties of the churches. They also shared the meaning of the tent-making ministry to be a healthy church.

Africa will pray for Nigeria and Zambia and Eastern Africa Federation. They shared Kenya book club case for an outreach program to expand it to Africa countries for Teen Youth evangelism.

OAA shared about ‘healthy minister’ what apostle paul showed example as a minister. He was a tentmaker and met fellow co-workers in Christ, Priscilla, and Aquila. Paul was working hard and preached on Sabbath when he didn’t have money and he devoted exclusively when Silas and Timothy came to him with funds.

We can see the apostle’s life when he gave testimony of his life to the elders of Ephesians, Acts 20:17-32. He knew the value of the commission he has received and considered his life worth nothing for this commission. It’s for the church that bought by the blood of God.

As for 3 years of Ephesian Church, he was working hard with his hands without asking but giving for himself and to those who were with him. And the minister’s need to follow this example of life to be a healthy minister and to make a healthy church.

Church finance can follow the way of the old testament and new testament. Levy tribes received support from the other tribes and offering and tithe from the Old Testament. And the New Testament shows deacons for the church. We should follow the biblical minister’s way and church way.