Kitwe Gratia Church Sunday Service:’The Process of Sanctification’

Kitwe Gracia Church Members joined Sunday service and the program started with 18 people including two visitors Mrs. Mwansa and Mrs. Roderick. Peter shared the Word of God about “The Process of Sanctification” from Romans 7:1-7.

According to what he shared that Apostle Paul used the parable of marriage to teach the sanctification process which has taken place between law and grace. The Romans as it was in their traditions and customs that if a woman is married to a man is under the law of the husband in that she can’t get married to someone else as long as her husband is alive. But when her husband died, she is free to get married to anyone without calling her adultery.

This is what has happened to us when we were sinners, we were under the law of sin. The meaning that sin was our master and we were slaves to sin. The sin took advantage of the law in that it was weak in our flesh. Therefore, the law became condemned because of our sins and the law failed to save us from our sins until Christ Came to save us from our sins.

When Christ Jesus died we also died with Him and we were baptized into his death so that we can be free from the law of sin. Then the sin became powerless in our flesh because we resurrected with Christ to the glory of the Father. Therefore we divorced the first husband which is the law and married to another husband who is Christ who has given freedom and peace. Intern Peter shared.

He concluded by saying it doesn’t mean that we don’t need the law or the law is the sin itself because the law is good, righteous, and holy. The purpose of the law is the guide us and show us sin, and protect us from our enemy which is a sin because without the law we can’t know the sin. When we know the law we will know sin. Therefore we need Jesus to deliver us from sin to give us eternal life.