OA Zambia Improving Programs of The Church

OA Zambia got a conference for the Zambia mission expansion on Saturday. They Shared about evangelism each person and development of church regular program. They shared the idea to apply book clubs to Zambia churches.

OA Zambia gave guidance to train more for the reports and the words of God even if they finished 40 days of 333 training. They made the decision to make signboards to each youth center and Olivet High School to collect those teens and youths to invite to book club. They will buy small numbers of books first and will keep muy more according to the growth of the number.

Kitwe Gratia church intern pastor Peter shared the August plan that he evangelize teens to develop to make Olivet High School and looking for the land for the church place. He has bible studies with 2 Copperbelt University(CBU) students and 3 times bible study with one APEX medical university students. He also praying to make co-workers with two brothers Mutable and Brain.

He organizing church leadership with adults.

Lusaka intern pastor Joanna will make bible fellowships and having a goal of 3 committed members to the bible study next week.

Ndola Revival church James Kunda shared about church programs for evangelism to go 4 times in week together. They keep raising up and training teachers of the bible and intercessors of the service.