Kitwe Gracia Church Mid- Week Service: “The Just Shall Live by Faith”.

Kitwe Gracia Church held mid-week service where 24 elderly people including 5 visitors brother Baron and 10 children. Intern Pastor Peter known as Gasto Musonda shared the Word of God from Romans 1:17 about The Just Shall Live by Faith.

He shared that The Just shall live by Faith means when you become righteous, you cannot die we need justification. This is the doctrine of justification by faith is important to explain salvation.

There are two ways in which God put people right before Him the first is the law and gospel. But it is very difficult for us keep all laws, therefore, keeping the law no flesh can be justified in the sight of God for the law is the knowledge of sin.

The gospel of Jesus Christ has revealed righteousness apart from the law and this righteousness comes by faith in Christ Jesus by what Christ has done for Humans.

He concluded that It is not because of what man has done or keeping the law which can be accounted as righteous but it is because of what Jesus did for us accounts us the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

“God’s way of justifying humans will never compromise on us he has declared us free”. Peter shared.