Africa Mission Conference “Vision and Direction”

Africa leaders had a weekly conference and shared about the vision and direction of the mission for the August. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared the message of Act 16 came from Olivet Chapel in Dover. They shared to have a beautiful vision from the words of God and direction by prayer as WGA is coming.

OAA Missionary James shared that “the words of God gives vision, so we need to get the vision from the bible”. Paul’s staff changed the history and his vision that “come over and help us” was the vision to change today’s Europe. The apostle’s vision can be a vision of Africa leaders.

He also prayed to get the direction by the Holy Spirit. There are challenges and blocking the way as Paul’s face from the 2nd mission journey. His best co-worker Barnabas went away and the Holy Spirit was not allowed to go to Asia. But God gave him Silas and Timothy, and he got a vision to go to Europe.

Africa leaders encouraged to have clear strategies as like mission + Education and making the system of the church administration including the board and presbytery to have 15 churches with 24 members of registered members of the church.