Africa Emphasized of Clear Goal for August

Africa leaders had a conference and shared time importance of entering the rest. OA Africa shared that World Olivet Assembly is going with 120 countries with cyber churches and the USA planting 50 churches as well; ministry leaders need to make clear goals and targets for the new month of August.

OA Africa shared that people fear to fail, but more danger of work is no failure of works because there was no clear goal and target. But we believe ‘when we are weak then we are strong’ and God is looking for the sinners who know the weakness because the sinner is ready to repent and hope to save.

They also shared the book of Hebrew chapter 4 to get practical lessons from the history of Israelites. They were angry and complained; they tested God, fought each other so that finally they couldn’t enter the promised land.

Joshua entered the promised land, but we need to enter the holy land of promise, as Romans 5:2 says. Those who ‘gained access’ by faith and entered into God’s grace stand in the attitude of giving thanks always. They have the mind of Jesus and the heart of affection of Jesus as Phil 1:8 and 2:5.

We need to move fast if we already made a decision, and we need to remember our glory is eternal glory instead of temporary.