OAA Started Online Bible Study With New Members

Olivet Assembly Africa started a bible study with New members. 21 members were joined and shared Romans chapter 1. Missionary James shared about the introduction of Roanns for the 1st day and the sin of unbelief for the 2nd day. They started the bible study program to find and elect new leaders among the members of fellowships.

The members were gathered from the YEF Youth fellowship and from OAA in Lusaka members. And some came from Kitwe Gratia church, Ndola Revival churches, and Uganda. Intern Pastor Joanna collected 10 members from the University of Zambia and APEX university. And Intern Pasto James collected some church members include 1 teacher of Olivet High School and 2 leaders of the students. OHS students joined together with one phone connection.

Missionary James started with the importance of studying the book of Romans. He shared about the meaning of gospel and 3 viewpoints of this world for life and death. Paul gives challenges to do not shameful to preach the gospel to us. And understanding of the gospel required of understanding of the law as the righteousness of God is revealed through the story of Jesus who took the curse of the law.

2nd day, he shared that well people are under the wrath of God, naturally because of sin. The sin of unbelief has two problems that are about the truth and worship. God already made them know Him ‘manifest in them’ and the creation showing God’s power divinity to understand and to do not excuse. But they do not worship God and do not give thanks to God. They become fools to serve idols because they do not have the truth. Most powerful idols are money and sex in human history. Sins are overflowing because people do not retain the knowledge of God and they are destined to ‘death’ which means eternal punishment for all of them.