Gracia Church Sunday Service: “Born Again”

Gracia Church Cell Fellowship in Kitwe had a service with 22 people including 3 visitors including Mrs. Mercy and Mrs. Roderick. Pastor Peter shared the message How to born again from John 3:3-7.

He shared that we born again is the biblical term used to describe the Baptism of the Spirit. Which means that die with Christ, buried with Him, and resurrected to the glory of the Father.

“There are two types of Baptism which water and Spirit in which one gets to be baptized with water and this is kind of symbol to clean or wash our sin outside but doesn’t clean our hearts or Inside sins. Spirit-baptized is removing our inner sins and conscious of sin and when we are baptized by Spirit it means we will leading by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, if we believe in Christ and accept him as our Lord and savior he will forgive and change our lives. Romans 6:3-4 also explained the meaning of Baptism is to die to the sin of the world instead of being the slaves of Sin but slaves of righteousness and when we born of the spirit we will be called children of God by inheritance of Jesus.

He concluded that salvation has only come through Jesus Christ through faith. This is the love of God. He has upon us that He sent One and Only Son that whoever Believes in Him should not for but have everlasting life in Christ.