Africa Leaders Conference ‘Romans Study First’

Africa leaders shared again about the importance of the book of Romans. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) Missionary James Lee emphasized evangelism that born again, and the Holy Spirit is essential.

Africa is having group bible study, including OAA, YEF Africa AM Africa, and Olivet Assembly(OA) Kenya, OA Zambia. He shared a report that one of a leader receives four online studies of Romans from each different ministries.

The reason why we study hard is to change people to be a new creation in Christ. The truth and the Holy Spirit changes people so that everyone must worship God in spirit and truth.

We receive salvation by the truth, and the truth is Jesus Christ. Only the spirit is changing us. We cannot enter heaven unless we are born-again. We can receive the Holy Spirit receive with salvation, or we receive the Holy Spirit after salvation. But very clearly that we know that we need both of them.

Jesus is the conclusion, and we need to find a fast way to go to the outcome. That’s why we need to follow the way of Romans to make people turn to Jesus. The Old Testament is a promise, and the New Testament is fulfillment and accomplishment. We need to save time to make people know the truth of redemption and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.