Revival Church Sunday Service:’Growing ln Faith’

Revival church members joined Sunday service around 09:00 Am. The message was entitled as growing in faith, this shared by Mss Febby. The scriptures came from the book of Jeremiah 12:11, Deuteronom32:53, and Hebrews 11:1.

Miss Febby, defined the faith in line with the book of Hebrews 11, says faith is the substance of the things one hopes for and things which one cannot see with oneself’s eyes.

She gave a question to the members that how can our faith grow and she gave an answer that one’s faith can grow when one keeps on having fellowships as Christians. She shared that one’s faith will grow when one reads the word of God and keep meditating on it every day.

She shared that Christians need to grow in faith and belief so that we can strengthen others who have got weak faith. One’s faith can still grow by listening to the word of God.