Kenya Had Sunday Service At the Church

Nairobi Gratia church had a Sunday service on July 20th at the church place. It was after 5 months of having meetings through online because of the prohibition of the government in the COVID19 pandemic. But from this Sunday they could gather for the service only 1 hour.
They thanked God for the time to give service at the church place and felt that to gather and worship freely at the church is the great blessing of God.

Pastor Thomas shared the message from Psalms 42:1 “As the deer pants for water”.

In this verse, David expressed his desiring God as deer panting for the water. It is how the human being longs for God in their spirit like the sunflower turn its face toward the sun. And Psalms 119:103; 105; 111; 147 explain how the author lived having the Word of God as his sweetest thing, light on his path, heritage.
Jesus said to the people that “The Spirit gives life and the flesh counts for nothing and the Word of Jesus is the Spirit.” So the 12 disciples of Jesus remained until the end to have Eternal life through the Word of Jesus. (John 6:63-69)
In the book of Joshua 1:7-8, God told Joshua who was the new leader of Israel that “Meditate on the Word of God Day and Night then you will be prosperous wherever you go”. We want to meditate the Word of God always in our daily lives so that we can experience God more and more and do His will in our lives.