Africa Leaders Shared ‘Mission of Expansion’

Africa leaders held a weekly conference and shared prayer topics for mission expansion through Olivet Center(OC)s and 20 churches through Cyber church. They shared a message of ‘missions of God’ from Acts 8:1 and 13:1-9, Romans 15:19-13.

They shared the prayer topic of 12 continents, G20 Ocs, 120 countries. OC Germany and OC Brazil for the negotiation and payment, OC Nigeria and OC Indonesia to find the best place and confirm, Russia and Turkey, and Italy are to find a place. They pray for the online church for the people to worship and planting a church, and Olivet Seminary will be an education place like Synagogues like Israel’s system.

OAA shared a message for ‘God’s mission’ is different than ‘church mission’ as like Acts 8:1. Where there is persecution, there was mission expansion same time for the great commission. If the Kingdom of God is already done in the church, then we do not go to the mission.

There is a story in the early church history that Peter wants to run away but he found Jesus carrying the cross to enter the city. Did Peter ask again Quo Vadis domine? Lord, where are you going? as like John 13:36. God is missionary God going His way even today.

The Antioch church showing transformed church with a new name ‘Christian’ from Acts 11:26. The church members dispatched Barnabas and Paul and they prayed with fasting seriously for the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Paul a shared beautiful vision of mission from the prophets, Romans 15:9-13. We also have hope to give thank God and praise God with gentiles in one heart and one mouth that says “Amen” together.