Kenya Gratia Church Sunday Service : Have True Faith before the Judgment

On July 13th Sunday, Gratia church had a Sunday Service and Pastor Thomas shared the message from the book of Luke 21:10-38, Matthew 25:1-3, Romans 12:1 about “Have True Faith before the Judgment.”

He said as we are living in this world at the last time, there can be more suffering and persecution. Even in the history in the Bible, we can see the suffering of righteous people of God, like Joseph, Job, Disciples of Jesus… In Luke 21, Jesus predicted these things would be happening, but He said that as they keep their faith, God would help them and give them a great reward.

In Matthew 25, there are 3 parables are coming out, and the first parable is talking about the 10 virgins who are waiting for the bridegroom for the wedding. Only 5 virgins had enough oil and the other 5 didn’t have enough oil. So when the groom came to them at night, only the 5 who prepared oil could join the wedding banquet. This is talking about the preparation to meet our Lord when we meet the Lord, how would we be? If we prepare the oil(Grace, Holy Spirit, Love), we would join the heavenly banquet, but if not, we would be chased away. To enter the Kingdom of God, we need to have both outward and inward faith. Our life itself is the spiritual worship to God, so we should live to please God obeying the will of God.

Gratia church is planning to have Sunday service from next Sunday at the church place as the government’s recent announcement. Leaders are hoping that through the offline service, they can guide people’s faith better.