Gratia Church Sunday Service : “Your Faith Has Healed You”

Kenya Nairobi Gratia church had a Sunday service on July 5th. Pastor Thomas shared the message from the book of Mark 10:46-52 “The story of Bartimaeus who received the healing from Jesus”

Bartimaeus was blind and beggar so his life looked to be so miserable. People were despising him and didn’t try to listen to him. But as he had faith in Jesus as Messiah, he shouted continually to Jesus, his misery could be revealed as something glorifying God.

And even at the same book Mark 5, there is a woman who bled for 12 years but was healed by Jesus coming out. This woman also was healed because she had faith in Jesus and touched Jesus’ cloak with faith.

Both of them were praised by Jesus by their faith. Jesus was saying “Your faith has healed you” When they had the faith, the destiny of life could change to be a blessing to guide them to receive the blessing of God to their lives. That’s why we need to have faith and pray earnestly. Even though today we can be miserable but if we come beforeGod with this faith like Bartimaeus’s, if we don’t stop coming to God in spite of people or situations blocking us, we will experience God greatly in your lives.

Let us remember this praise of Jesus “Your faith has healed you”. In any situation, don’t lose our faith, but come before God with faith, then our destiny can be changed for the glory of God.