Africa Conference: Expanding Mission with Local Leaders

Africa’s mission expanding with local pioneers. Africa leaders got an online conference to share the weekly report. OA Zambia ordained 3 intern pastors and they dispatching 3 major cities this week after training.

OA Africa will dispatch 3 intern pastors after the training program. OAA gave guidance for the internship of pastors that they need to write 3 letters include confession of faith and letter of Agreement for the church rule include marriage in our church, Volunteer for the ministry services. They received a new name and received mission funds to go to a new mission field. OAA will teach them to teach the book of Romans and Olivet Seminary from the new mission place. OAA will restart to teach the book of Romans to South Africa SLS members after come back to Lusaka.

OA Egypt started translating the book of Romans Bible study textbook in Arabic. They use one recent registered member Marian to do it every day. Currently, they have two bible study students who are coming daily. They pray for Marian’s family that her elder brother was diagnosed five days ago as a confirmed patient of COVID-19.

OA Kenya had a Saturday Elim Africa conference and shared prayer topics. They shared Sunday Service message for John 9 that Jesus healed the blind beggar physically and spiritually. They consider making an audio version for Olivet Seminary in order to make smaller files for Africa status.

YEF Africa praying for each national leaders grow well. P. Thomas keeps praying for OA Africa registration in South Africa.

AM Africa made a plan to raise more national leaders in Uganda and Zambia. They making bible study fellowship with the University of Zambia sister Milika and Angela of Dar es Salaam University. They started the bible study the book of Romans 1:16-17.

OHS Zambia had a PTA meeting on Friday of last week. They have a discussion for examination. OAA brought apparatus for the school include microscope. Science teachers and students are happy with it and gave thanks to OAA.