OHS Announces 7 Days Retreat Program

After holding the PTA Meeting at Olivet High School(OHS), Chaplain Gasto Musonda, who is also an intern pastor of Revival Church, announced to the parents of the Grade Nine students about the scholarship program available for those who successfully attended the Thursday Bible Study classes during the previous term.

It was agreed that the parents of students who had failed to attend the Thursday Bible Study Program should pay the tuition fees for the previous term. In the alternative, the students may attend a 7 day Retreat Program to finish the Bible study and become eligible to receive the scholarship.

The Chaplain shared the statistics of the students who attended and who missed the Thursday Bible Study Program in the previous term – 8 students attended the program regularly and were found eligible for the scholarship while 12 students were not found eligible. Gasto announced that these 12 students may resume their Bible studies by attending the 7 day Revival Program and receive the Word of God to fulfill the Bible study days they missed.