Ndola Revival Church Celebrates Ordination Service Together

Revival Church members and Leaders had Sunday which started around 09:30 to 11:30. The Bible study was taught by Gasto which he entitled Righteousness and Consciousness from Hebrew 9:1-6. The main Sermon was preached by Pastor James and he taught about the True Early Church from Acts 4:32-34. Finally, the attendance of the church was 42 including 12 students of OHS and 1 teacher Mwila Evans.

Summary of the Sermon.
Temple is the please where God dwells in. The creation is the temple and there is Israel’s temple. Finally, we are the temple of God according to the bible.As for the Israel’s history, there are three generations of the temple in the Bible. 1. The tabernacle in Israel. 2. The Temple which Solomon built 3. Jesus Christ and the Body of Christ.
Three functions of the Church is Preaching the Word of God to the people, Fellowship gathering the money together and breaking bread and prayer.
After Pentecost, the early church begins to grow in number because they devoted themselves to God through the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is becoming the Founder of the early Church and we must follow up on this rule.

After the Service the three Leaders received intern Pastor Ordination and as they received commission and direction to Dispatch into three major cities of Zambia. Gasto who has received a new name as ‘Peter’ will go to Kitwe and Ruth knew as Joanna will go to Lusaka and Tresphod as James will be in Ndola.