Nigerian SLS Member Had 4th Romans Bible Study With OAA

Nigeria Saint Luke Society member, Afuye, got 4th Romans bible study with OAA. They had bible study 10 PM after finish the hospital work of Afuye. The topic was ‘sin’ and she prayed to do not serve God only and do not serve idols and for protection from the spiritual death at the closing fo the study.

Missionary James shared ‘the sin of unbelief’ from Romans 1:18-32. Apostle Paul explained that sin is starting from ‘godlessness’ and sin is keep developing and increasing after removed God in us. The unbeliever doesn’t know how to worship God and pray to God although they know that there is the Creator in this world.

People have an empty heart without God and people trying to fulfill the empty heart with money and sex. So, sin is developing to be idolists and sexual immoralities. Human is becoming a foolish heart is darkened and becoming mortal to follow false and unnatural.

The way to come close to God is the way to far from sin. We need to retain the knowledge of God to come closer to God. This all kinds of sins what Paul said is not as far with us as it is the sins of today.

Wrath of God is finally connecting to ‘death’. We need to understand clearly as there are two ‘death’ and the bible is concerning about spiritual death more. What Paul saying is ‘2nd death’, ‘hell’, ‘eternal punishment’. So we can have a viewpoint of the world that we have two world and earthly life is preparatory of the afterlife to have eternal life.