YEF Africa Had Mission Conference Full of Love and Grace of God

Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Africa had a mission conference on June 5th. Firstly they shared the grace of God by meditating on His Word. From Romans 3:19-25, they could know the difference between the Law and the Gospel. They could realize that man needs the law because it can be a guardian for the life of faith but it can’t save the sinners (Gal 3:23-25). More importantly, Man needs the love of God for their salvation through the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ for this sinful world (Rom 3:21-25).

As they were meditating the words of God, the participants could realize the great love of God for their lives and only this grace of God can save the people. But they could also realize it again that Man still needs the laws because the laws can guide the people to the deeply spiritual world of God. And through the words of God, they could also realize the importance of prayer for each other with love instead of condemning, because love can save the people.

After they meditated the word of God, they were sharing the status of GCU (Great Commission University) and WEFs and pray for it together. And they were sharing about an internship program by YEF HQ. And they could pray for the leader of YEF Kenya, brother Walter Gor. Ruth, the leader of YEF Zambia, was very active to participate in the conference and received a lot of grace of God. Let’s pray for YEF Africa continually so that many young leaders can be raised for the kingdom of God.