OAA 3rd Bible Study with Nigeria SLS member

By the grace of God, Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA), and Nigerian SLS member continued the bible study. OAA Missionary James Lee provides 3rd time of Romans bible study to Afuye who is working in the hospital in Nigeria despite some challenges. The study ‘the way to know God’ from Romans 1:19-20.

Missionary James started with a prayer of thanksgiving for bible study time despite some challenges of time and network connection in this week. Sister Afuye was busy in the hospital and she finished works and conference in the evening. Also, they used to typing for the bible study as an internet connection was not working to have video chatting.

But Afuye joined in the evening, 9:00 PM after arrived home. They keep study for more than one hour for the creation part.

Missionary James shared that we need to understand sin in order to understand salvation. And we can understand sin from an original relationship with God and the creation as medical study starting from physiology to pathology, pAthology to therapeutics.

He shared two ways to know God. One is from inside of humans and another one is outside, by reason of head and by the conscience of heart. We can know God through revelation and Jesus Christ is the revelation of God. Now we know God is love through him.

OAA shifted to Ndola and came back to Lusaka for a mission journey. And they had Two times bible study for last week. Afuye shared that she wanted to keep study more.