Natl Africa Conference: ‘Expect Spiritual Harvest’

Africa leaders encouraged to be fully convinced of the season of harvest in their own minds. They had an online conference and Olivet Assembly of Africa (OAA) Missionary James Lee shared a message to prepare WGA this year. He encouraged Africa leaders to bear spiritual fruits being empowered from the Pentecost season.

He announced for the 3 cords of administration to be strong and emphasized evangelism for WGA of this year. He shared the grace of God for 7 universities and now is the time to fulfill schools with students. So we need to do evangelism to receive more blessings through it.

The early church increased numbers after Pentecost and the church is a spiritual family.

Evangelism is the way of making family and children of God. He shared Isaiah 54:1 that barren women can brust songs of joy because they have more children than those who have a husband. Our Lord is our husband, so we need to make more children than the children of the world this time.

In the same time, Christian need to make faith and family as well. Because there are so many broken families and children are suffering because of it. A good role model of the Christian family is becoming salt and the light to this world. Parents serving God and educating children with the words of God is beautiful.

We need to fully convince in our own mind for the day of Pentecost with spiritual understanding, according to Rom 14:5. We may shine like stars of the sky forever and ever because we will make many people turn back to righteousness.