Kenya Decided to Reorganize the Online Bible Study

Nairobi Gratia church had an online mission conference on June 6th and Gratia church leaders and members were discussing how they can do the online Bible study more effectively so that they can see the fruit through it. Missionary Jane and missionary Thomas, YEF leader Walter and brother Cleophas joined the conference.

As they were having 3 times online Bible studies, some regular people were joining them but others didn’t show their participation. So they want to do it with some standard to participate in Bible studies.

First, they will ask the willingness of the people in the group whether they will continue to join it. Then only with the people who wish to join will be accepted to the Bible study group. Then they will request all the participants to write a reflection after doing each Bible study.

For the 2 days (Tuesday and Friday) they planned to have online Bible study and on Wednesday, they planned to gather for offline Bible study with a small group.

Through the reorganizing the Bible study, the leaders hope that they can guide them better and raise them as the disciples of Jesus more effectively.