OAA Conference with Zambia Leadership to Push OHS Project

Olivet Assembly of Africa (OAA) held a conference with the Zambia Revival Church leaders regarding the Youth Centre to further the Olivet High School movement. They discussed the registration of the church and elected Gasto Mussonda as the leader of the Olivet Youth Centre Project. The Youth Centre will grow to be Olivet High School after an inspection to meet standard leadership and enrolled student statuses.

OAA explained three topics regarding the new registration of the church and how they would take care of the Revival church in OAA. The leaders planned for Olivet Seminary to be the program to educate members of the Youth Centre. Apostolos Mission (AM), Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF), and Young Disciples (YD) were to take the place for their own program in the Youth Centre as well.

They also shared ideas about electing leaders and fixed the standard to start the Youth Centre–The first step to select a leader and search for the place of the Centre. The leaders of the church will check together whether the place is able to start and search for support leading up to its dedication. If they are to have 15 members within one month, Olivet High School (OHS) will provide desks and boards for the school to start after 30 students have enrolled. If they do not meet the standard, the Youth Centre will be merged near the place of the other center.

The leaders have elected 3 leaders to start from the Revival Church and elected Gasto, the acting pastor of the Revival Church. Please pray that this can work smoothly so that many souls can come to God in Africa