OA Africa Opens New Weekly Conference for All Leaders

Africa improves the unity and mission development with new leaders of the conference. Africa leaders had a conference and decided to have all leaders meeting including those at the national level and church leaders every Friday. Potentially, 3 leaders will join the group from this week.

Those new leaders are Ruth Mwepu of YEF Zambia, Walter Gor of YEF Kenya, Gasto Mussonda of Revival Church (Acting Pastor). Therefore, a total of 10 leaders will join the conference.

Olivet Assembly Africa (OAA) is expecting to make unity and developments of mission as some of the leaders don’t have a good channel for sharing developments and receive strength with other leaders.

They also decided to give a basic standard to report their own mission according to the situation. OA Africa is making statics of the report from the last week and they will continue to update the leaders to be alert.