Africa Leaders Conference ‘Increase in Number’

Africa is ‘increasing’ with new leaders. 3 new leaders started to join the Africa Mission Conference on Friday. They introduced themselves and shared reports together. Olivet Assembly of Africa (OAA) encouraged them to prepare the Pentecost season as well.

The three new leaders are Walter Gor of YEF Kenya, Ruth Mpuwe of YEF Zambia, Gasto Mussonda of Revival Church of Zambia. They greeted the senior leaders and gave thanks for accepting them to join the conference. They were expecting grace and strength through the conference.

OAA shared the message of ‘increasing in number’. Missionary James introduced the meaning of Faith and Family Foundation (FFF) service. It was also shared that increasing is the blessing of God as it was the first blessing given to mankind (Gen 1:29 and 9:1). He explained about the spiritual fruit and spiritual increase of family and the church.

The church needs to prepare as well for the Pentecost because the church is making true family and the increase was started by the power of the Holy Spirit, Act 9:31. The Holy Spirit opened a new way from the Pentecost according to Act 2:47.