Zambia Revival Church Conducted Sunday Service: ‘What Brings Humility?’

Zambia Revival Church held its Sunday service at the Olivet High School (OHS). Attendance of the service was 7 including a new visitor, Happy. The Word of God was shared by sister Ruth and she entitled the message “What Brings Humility?”

The scripture came from Matthew 26:69-75.

She summarized her message into two illustration characters.

First, Simon Peter’s humility. He denied Jesus Christ three times before the cock crows and he cried bitterly until he confessed that he sinned against God by lying that he will not deny him. In John 21 we can see that Peter received true repentance and he changed his character maturely. This time he did not believe in himself but only relied on the love of Jesus Christ.

Second, Apostle Paul’s humility. The conversion of Saul to Paul was only possible by the grace of God because Saul believed in himself that he was doing right in front of God. However, when Jesus Christ met him, his heart was changed and he realized that he was wrong. He prayed three days without eating anything nor drinking water which shows his inner repentance and humbleness.

She concluded by emphasizing that we can learn from these two illustration characters that God doesn’t want us to believe in ourselves but on Him alone. He wants us to forsake our evil ways and turn to Jesus who is the righteousness of God to say we are nothing without him. God always teaches to be humble before Him because everyone is a sinner and fall short of the glory of God. True repentance comes from the heart and it leaves pain. 1 Peter 5:6-7, one needs to be humble in the sight of God.