Sunday Service in Kenya : The End is Near!

On Sunday, May 25th, Gratia Church members in Nairobi, Kenya mediated on the book of Luke 17:20-27 about “How Would the Kingdom of God Come?”

Pastor Thomas shared that “The Kingdom of God should be understood well. At the time of Jesus people believed that the Kingdom of God would come one day by the trumpet sound from heaven. But Jesus didn’t come to this world with a great image like a great king in this world. But he came to this world as a newborn baby, as a son of a carpenter.”

“Even though people in this world may wait the day of the Lord, and they expect that the day would come suddenly in a very surprising image, but by looking at Jesus’ coming to this world as a baby, we need to think about it deeply. Jesus’ message was, “Do not look up the sky just believing in this one day to come (Acts1:7), but prepare for the day to come as you evangelize and build the Kingdom of God diligently.”

Jesus said “The Kingdom of God would come to your heart. You will receive the living water and you will receive the Holy Spirit when you listen to the message”. To understand this is very important. At the time when Jesus came to this world, it would be like lightning shine in this world instantly. The truth will be revealed in this world from heaven in a short time. Truth doesn’t’ depend on the number of people. At Noah’s time, people didn’t believe in Noah’s sayings but his word was the truth. People were dying in their sins but Noah’s family was saved.

Jesus said, “No one knows the time, but only the Father knows”. Then what should the believers do? It is to preach the gospel all over the world. When we confess our faith in Jesus like Peter, God will give the authority to build the church. When we believe in God, God gives us the key to heaven and the authority to guide others to God. Jesus promised that the believers will have the power to overcome the world, and do the miracles, healing.

We should be awakened and manage the master’s property and people well (Luke 12:42-48), and we need to bear good fruit with the things our Master entrusted to us. In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus shared His great commission to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. And he gave them authority to guide others when we believed in Him and followed Him. So, let us not focus on the worldly things, but focus on God’s things and guide many people to God with the authority given to us, then we’ll receive a great reward from heaven as Daniel 12:3 says.”

The message was to let the people have the right attitude about the last time and encourage them to focus on the heavenly things, the will of God instead of just focus on the physical things.

May God bless the members’ life with understanding and the wisdom to live bearing the good fruit so they may be praised before His presence.