YEF Africa Online Conference Held with Great Hope in God

On May 15th, Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Africa had a weekly online conference. YEF Kenya, Walter Gor, and Zambia, Ruth Mwepu, joined the conference.

Through the conference Thomas, the leader of YEF Africa, tried to encourage each country leader with the word of God. With the words of God in 2 Corinthians 4 and 5, they could encourage themselves to live with the living hope in God. We don’t need to live with fear or worries, as we have the eternal life and heavenly dwellings in God.

And Thomas shared the great movement in the US. He shared the plan of establishing a school called “Great Commission University” in the US. It was inspiring the leaders through the conference and gave them a big hope in God.

Then they had the time of reports. YEF Zambia’s leader was teaching the church members with Romans 5 – 8 about the soteriology. And YEF Kenya’s leader was also diligent to join the Bible studies a few times a week and sometimes he was leading the Bible study, especially for the newcomers. It was graceful and giving another hope to each participant. Let’s pray for YEF Africa.