OAA Romans Training Continues: Living Sacrifice & Spiritual Worship

OAA continued online Bible Study for Romans chapter 12 with members of Africa. Missionary James shared a message with the title of ‘Living Sacrifice and spiritual worship’. Also, they took the time to share their testimonies.

Missionary James shared that chapter 12 is giving lessons of the new life in Christ. Praising and worship is the next step after salvation.

We need to give better sacrifice according to Heb 11:4. Jews people gave dead sacrifices with the blood of animals. But Christian need to give living sacrifice with the blood of Jesus because the blood of Jesus having obtained eternal redemption, Heb 9:12. Jesus opened a new way through the curtain, that is, his body according to Heb 10:19-20.

In the new era, everybody is a royal priesthood. We need to purify our body as it is to offering to God and our life is the worship place to please God.

God is spirit, John 4:24. So we need to worship in spirit and truth. What God really wants to receive is our heart like pure and ‘broken spirit’ and contrite heart.

We need to transform instead of conforming to the world. Our way of changing is starting from thinking -> mind -> life. So we need to renew our mind in order to know what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.