Kenya Online Bible Study : The Way to Know God

Kenya online Bible study group for the newcomers had an online Bible study on Friday, May 15. Missionary Jane led this time and they were meditating about “The way to know God”.

“There are many ways to know God- firstly, by our spirit, we can feel God and know God when we pray. Secondly, through our intelligence looking at the creation, we can see how God’s great power and divine nature are.” The third way is the most important and perfect way to know God and it is through the Son, we know the Father. Jesus revealed the image of God His deity in His flesh. He revealed God’s love in the deepest and clear way.”, she said.

The participants were three, brother Walter God who is YEF Kenya leader, Solomon who joined from the last meeting, and Pastor Thomas. They participated in it actively with questions and answers. They hope other people can also join on time and receive the grace of God together with them.