Kenya Bible Study on Acts 2 “Peter’s Sermon”

Continually from the last week, Gratia church leaders and members had the Bible study time on Acts on Wednesday. Missionary Jane led the Bible study and brother Walter Gor, Missionary Thomas joined the meeting and they were meditating Acts 2:14-42 in detail.

Peter was explaining to the crowds who gathered by the sound of different tongues in the upper room the happening was by the Holy Spirit as the book of Joel2:28-29 prophecied. He explained the presentness of historical salvation and Jesus as Christ who died according to God’s plan from the prophecy of King David in Psalms 16:8-11, Psalms 110:1. God blessed Peter who was a fisherman and used him as a fisher of men.

Pastor Thomas said “God would bless us and use us like him. If we believe, it will be happening for our life. but if we don’t believe, it will be happening through another person. Because God’s Will surely will be fulfilled.”

It was a great time for them to mediate the Acts of Apostles which is ‘Acts of Holy Spirit’. May God guide them continually to experience Him deeply through mediation and obedience to the Word of God.