Kenya Gratia Church Sunday Service :’The Parable of the Rich Fool’

Through the Service on May 10th, the preacher emphasized on “Life centered on God’s will”. The Bible verses were from Luke 12:13-21 “The parable of the Rich Fool”. The parable was teaching us how meaningless our life would be if we only focus on the earthly things like the Richman in the parable.

What is Matthew 4:4 teaching us? We need bread to survive, but it is not all. We need something else and it is the word of God. That’s how humans are different from animals and we are the spiritual being. We cannot be truly happy and satisfied only with the physical things and worldly pleasurable things.

Gen 25 is teaching us about the 2 brother’s life, Jacob and Esau. Jacob was blessed and received the new name “Israel” and he became the ancestors of faith. Esau didn’t regard the family’s faith and birthright was an important thing to keep, so he sold it out for the physical blessing. Jacob bought the spiritual blessing with physical possession because he knew how important to receive God’s blessing more than having possession only.

In John 4, the Samaritan woman was not happy with the love in this world so she felt so thirsty again and again. As she met Jesus, she could really be quenched by the truth, to whom and how we should worship, and she changed her life receiving Jesus as Savior.

So we need to live being awakened and following God’s will(1 Thessalonians 5:1-11) because the judgment will come suddenly like the Rich fool. We shouldn’t be lazy or just waiting for the last day as in Acts 1:11, but we need to do the will of God diligently.

What is the will of God? Jesus gave to his disciples the great commandment in Matthew 28:18-20, it is to make disciples, guiding them, and teach them to God. Then we can live a fruitful life.