Africa Ministries Shares Weekly Reports

Africa ministries reported their weekly plan. Olivet Center in South Africa contacted lawyers for registration of Global London College. Africa leaders keep trying to evangelizing and developing bible knowledge through an online Bible Study.

Pastor Aquila of Olivet Center reported that he contacted three lawyers to register the language school. He will also find a way to buy a school that is already registered. They keep operating Kbers work from OC office and the hotel started to work to guests.

OA Africa shared a plan for Olivet Seminary developments that 7 members are going to register. They made a plan to develop church through Olivet Seminary that making fellowship and development to Youth Center and school. Online Bible study moves forwarded to Romans Chapter 10. They trying to use voice chatting instead of text chatting to test the internet connection.

OA Kenya sharing online sermon to the members. They made two different groups for bible study to study the book of Acts Chapter 2.

OA Egypt is joining an online bible study and trying to make the other bible study lessons.

YEF Africa had an online conference with YEF Kenya and YEF Zambia. They shared the newcomer’s bible study stories to the conference.

OHS Zambia keeps having a gathering for Romans bible study with church teen leaders. They study Romans chapter 5 with four leaders. The school finished fence construction in this week. The school will operate examination class from 1st of June as the ministry of Education allowed opening school for grades 9 and 12.