OA Kenya Conference Encouraged Members to Keep the Faith

On Saturday, Gratia church members gathered in an online group and shared the life of the week and got information from the church.

Missionary Jane shared about the grace of God how it came to them even though they were sinners. But with the great grace through Jesus, they could be accepted by God to be His children. So “we shouldn’t forget this unconditional love of God and grace given to us and let us be in this love always,” she said.

Church announced the standard for joining the Bible study program which is to write reflection as showing their participation in Bible study. So that the precious Word of God can be shared with the people who know the preciousness. Members agreed with the new standard of the Bible study. And a person asked to make it shorter as there is difficulty to join it if it is too long.

They were sharing how the daily sermons were in their lives. Also, they shared how they kept daily prayers and encouraged one another to pray more to change the current situations.

The church started the link of the sermon on the church Facebook page, so other people can listen to it to keep their faith in God.

Even though they couldn’t meet physically, the meeting was encouraging. May God be with the members to keep their faith and follow God’s will.