OA Africa Conference Reminds Leaders on John 21: ‘Do You Love Me More than These?’

Africa leaders shared weekly plans and a message from the online Conference. They shared news of the World Olivet Assembly for the Olivet Seminary to strengthen the online platform to find the way for evangelism in this Pandemic situation of Coronavirus. Missionary James shared John 21:15-17 and emphasized to find the meaning of loving Jesus through shepherding.

He shared about the pastoral mission that Jesus gave to Peter after 3 times of question ‘do you love me”. This is three times the questions seem to recover 3 times denial, but the more important focus was to strengthen Peter to standing form as a ‘rock’ for the church rather than ‘reed’ as like Baptist John.

Jesus knew Peter will deny three times even if he said “I will die for you”, but Jesus still prayed for Peter with faith on him to strengthen brothers when he has turned back, Luke 22:32. And Peter was really changed to be very powerful and strong from Act 3-4.

He is changed after seeing the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus because he changed after know true the love of Jesus. He didn’t realize and could not follow before Jesus died, but he understands and he could follow later John 13:7, 36.

This changed Peter answered, “you know that I love you”. We can recognize that Peter’s level of understanding of love was at a different level than before. He found true love in Jesus as like John also confessed ‘not that we loved God, but that he loved us” and “We love because he first loved us”, 1John 4:10, 19. And Paul also gave testimony “I shall know fully, even as I am fully known”, 1Cor 13:12.

Jesus gave the authority of pastoral to Peter after strengthening him. So people want to follow Jesus need to understand the deeper love of Jesus first and then need to evangelism and shepherding through the love of Jesus in order to feed the lamb of Jesus.

OA Africa shared the strategy of the mission of Africa through Olivet Seminary to develop fellowship to church and the school. OA Kenya reported online bible study programs and missions through SNS including Facebook. OA Egypt also trying to make an online Bible study.

AM Africa shared for the book of Act daily Bible Study program for Pentecost and reported for evangelism that Zambia made an account of Facebook. Olivet High School is reported that Church leaders and Youth fellowships made group bible study every day actively since the Zambia government allowed for fellowship. They started 5 AM morning service from two weeks ago.