Zambia Revival Church Sunday Service: ‘Presenting Our Bodies as a Living Sacrifice to God’

Revival Church board leaders joined a short service which lasted for one hour and 30 minutes with an attendance of 6.

The opening service prayer was offered by acting Pastor Gusto who also led a brief intercession.

The message was shared by brother Tresphod, from the book of Romans 12:1-2 with the theme “presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice to God”. Apostle Paul shared the message and was so heart touched.

His appeal is that one’s bodies are the temples of God. He further explained that one’s fleshly bodies must be the temples of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit should dwell in one in order that one may carry the commission of God.

He said “We need to die to sin and have the new form. We must refrain from sin and evil deeds. Let us live our lives filled with purity and holiness, by doing this we give glory and worship to God.”

An example was given such that Jesus Christ, the King of all kings could lay down His own body for the sins of the world. Jesus paid through the death and suffering He went through.

Jesus died on the cross of Calvary so that one may have eternal life. He died so that one might have received a chance to escape eternal punishment. The people received so much grace and comfort from the Words of God today.