OA Africa Conference Emphasizes to Set Up Evangelism Channels

Africa leaders held a conference and shared a message from the online conference. Missionary James shared World Olivet Assembly’s (WOA) direction to make an opportunity of evangelism through this pandemic and shared a message about eschatology. African leaders also shared the weekly plan to follow up on WOA directions through online platforms.

Olivet Assembly Africa (OAA) Missionary, James, gave guidance to follow WOA’s direction that takes the opportunity for evangelism through this pandemic. He explained evangelism through schools including seminary and carpentry schools. Also, he asked to continue to pray for Africa OC and for Pastor Aquila and brother Zhouli.

He shared about 3 important doctrines in Christianity that must be strong, that is, Soteriology, Christology, and Eschatology. He said “Many churches are weak in Eschatology” and shared the experience of Easter retreat from Revival Church of Zambia with OHS teachers. He gave lessons about the Kingdom of God and listeners were so interested in ‘the end of the day’ because of confusion due to the Coronavirus.

Additionally, he shared about two types of eschatology and about the judgment and new heaven and new earth according to the scriptures; 2 Peter 3:8-16, Isaiah 65:17 and Revelations 21:1-8. People are fearful and dreadful for the day of the judgment but Peter shared to think about how to live holy and godly lives and furthermore look forward to the day of God and the new heaven and new earth.

The Christian life waits on the day of the Lord and needs to wake up from the sinful sleepiness and prepare as the Lord is coming, therefore, do not shrink back. Jesus shared many things about it from Matt 24~25. So Christians need to live a life as a child of light and not have meaningless fear as ignorant as fearful are going to the place which is 2nd death.

OA Africa shared progress for online Bible study with the church registration involving the Carpentry school project. OA Kenya shared the plan for the Pentecost and online evangelism. OA Egypt is also trying to collect online Bible study members.

YEF Africa keeps sharing the video messages through YouTube and AM Africa is also trying to fulfill the goal of evangelism through SNS including Facebook. OHS continues having a construction for the fence and gate and they keep having morning service and Prayer Meetings.