Kenya Gratia Church Sunday Service ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’

On Sunday, April 19th, Nairobi Gratia church gave Sunday service with an online method. The Missionary family gave Sunday service and shared the sermon file at the online group.

Pastor Thomas shared the message in the service from the book of Psa 23:1-6, Psa 1:4-6, Heb 9:27, Ecc11:9-12:1,7,13-14, He said “David was confessing that God is his shepherd for his life. He experienced many dangers from enemies, but God protected him and blessed him every time. He could have peace in God and always praised God. God blessed him before the enemy, so he praised God always. The life trusting in God, depending on God is blessed because there is peace and blessing and hope. But the non-believers won’t experience this blessing but will be like chaff blown by the wind. So we need to live pursuing God receiving this eternal blessing of God.

God called us as a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession to declare the praises of him who called us out of darkness into his wonderful light.(1Peter 2:9-10) We didn’t deserve to receive mercy, but God had mercy and saved us. By Jesus’s precious blood, He forgave us and received the new life. So God will change our lives.

This is also coming out in Exodus 19:3-6, as God told Moses “You need to tell to people of Israel, as you saw me, I saved whole Israel from Egypt, from their sinful life. If you obey my word you will be my people, treasured possession. I want to make you as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”We want to remember that this word ‘God is my shepherd’- it is by the blood of Jesus Christ. So we could be saved and live a new life. God is our shepherd. We don’t need to be fearful but we can have peace. And we can deliver this good news to many people in the world who are going through a difficult time.