OA Africa Weekly Conference Reminds on Resurrection of Christ

Africa leaders got a conference to share weekly reports and shared a message for the resurrection. Missionary James shared a message from John 20:15.

He shared that the book of John has focused on Marry Magdalene who loved Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene first. She loved even the death of Jesus as she asking the dead body of Jesus “Tell me where did you put him, I will get him”.

But our love needs to be deeper and have faith as Jesus said “Why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?”. We can cry but we need to go to a deeper way of love. We need can find the true meaning of the love of Jesus from there.

The true meaning of the resurrection is not ending from seeing only, but it is found the meaning of life for him. If someone dies for us then we need to live for him who died for me according to 2Cor 5:15. Also, Paul said, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

OAA reported that they finished the teacher’s training of OHS and they will be given membership cards after seeing participation in the church. They will keep sharing the Romans Bible Study to Africa leaders. OA Kenya also keeps sharing the words of the book of Acts through online and invited new members through evangelism. OA Egypt also keeps trying online bible study through contacted people before.

YEF Africa keeps trying online bible study and receives good responses. OHS having OTM 5th Anniversary Service and they making a plan to share the words of God together to the OTM members.