Kenya Easter Sunday Service “Peace be with You”

On Easter Sunday, April 12th, Nairobi Gratia church had Easter Sunday Service through online. Pastor Thomas shared the message during the service and updated the sermon file online and shared it with the members in the group chatting room.

He shared from the book of John 20:1-31, the story of Jesus’ resurrection.

Why we celebrate Easter, why Easter is the most important holyday with Christmas? It is because on Easter day, Jesus resurrected. As Jesus resurrected on Sunday, Christians are gathering on Sunday and worship God.

Jesus resurrected from the death, so that we can overcome the power of death and live with power of resurrection. Satan is trying to kill us with the power of death. But as we believe in Jesus, we can live with the power of life. Nobody can kill us, we need to believe in what Jesus said- “I am the resurrection and life. The one who believe in me will live, even though they die, and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.”

Chapter 12 is starting that Mary went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. Mary is a person who loved Jesus because she received great help from Jesus. She (or in other books, some women) even loved Jesus’ dead body. She couldn’t find Jesus so she informed disciples about it. Also 2 disciples went to see it and found that Jesus was not there.

When she was crying alone, Jesus appeared to her and asked her “Why are you crying?” When she couldn’t realize it was Jesus, Jesus called her name, and then she realized it was Jesus.

She went and said to the disciples this great news. She said “I’ve seen the Lord, who resurrected from the death!”

This is not normal. All people are dying and death is the end. Hope disappears and we can be in the darkness. But when we live in the faith of resurrection, we can live in the light. Death cannot threaten us. So don’t be fearful but believe in God.

Disciples were so fearful from the time when Jesus died. But Jesus appeared to them and said “Peace be with you.” Even now many people are living with fear and worries when they are struggling in the life. But Jesus gives us true peace. “Even the death couldn’t confine me but I am alive. So don’t be fearful. Have peace in God.”

Why are you crying? Maybe God can tell each one of us. Have faith and peace in God. Jesus breathed on them and said “Receive the Holy Spirit” And He gave them the authority to pray and forgive other’s sins.

Though Thomas didn’t believe in Jesus’ resurrection as he was realistic person and he wanted it to be proved but after He met the resurrected Jesus, He could accept Jesus as His Savior and God. And he went to the farthest country to deliver the good news. We shouldn’t be lukewarm but we need to be cold or hot. Paul was cold at first as he was persecuting the disciples, but later he became so hot. If we met Jesus, we need to have passion and love.

Resurrection of Jesus is very important. When we live in this world, we can live with worries and problems but God says to us “Peace be with you.” Everything is at His hand and we are in God, so we don’t need to live with worry or fear but with peace, faith and hope in God we can overcome the world.